Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chicken Pox Fort

Look, a little on the right . . .see the fishing pole? See the poor little patient peeking out of his Chicken Pox Fort?

As tempting as it was to romanticize the photo in the editing process, I decided to show you warts and all. After all, this is the way my house has looked for . . . weeks. . . sigh . . . Poor little Christian. He had the chicken pox immunization . . . I don't know, maybe a year ago, but a recent visit to the Children's Museum gave him more than an education, he got to take the Chicken Pox home, too! He has a brand new baby sister, and the Doctor, naturally, was concerned about minimizing her exposure, which allowed Christian {who really didn't feel too bad} to come camp out at Grammy's for a couple of days! We had two really, quite nice days of picnics, forts, and McDonald's ice cream cones.

We picked grapes and tomatoes from the garden, and proudly delivered them to all of the neighbors, who were all extra specially sweet and doting to the poor, sick little boy who had to come stay with Grammy. I think that might have been his favorite part!

Do you love his fort? That's the beautiful Pennywinkle quilt that my Grandma made for the newlyweds. The blue and yellow quilt was a wedding gift from Sam's paternal Grandmother. The quilts had been in a pile, waiting to be packed. You won't tell Sam and Amy that we used one, will you? I like to build forts with patchwork quilts, because when you lie on your back and look up through them, it looks like a stained glass ceiling. Try it! You'll see what I mean, and you'll never go back to plain ol' blanket forts, again.

The walls are completely invader proof, extremely heavy boxes filled with all of the books a Seminarian could want. It made the piles of boxes useful, since they were stacked all over the living room anyway.

And hopefully, it made one sick little boy feel a little better for a while.

footnote: I should point out that his Daddy came over after work ~ both days and spent the night with him, and that this arrangement nearly killed his Mommy.


  1. We're SO happy he's mended and back home, but if you can't recuperate with Mommy, what is better than days of fun at Grammy's? Thanks again for that, Mom!

  2. Hi, Debbi,
    I came over from the Brocante Salon to browse your blog! ;)

    One of my boys was exposed to the chicken pox as a baby, and thankfully, didn't catch it, but I wouldn't mind if they all went through it now and got it "over with", lol! :)

  3. Oh so sweet. what a great grammy you are.