Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Bird Collage

Do you mind terribly if I repost an old one? Currently, I am recreating this for a couple of really special people who have asked . . . :) I keep opening the photos to double check details, and am so enjoying the process all over again. I am ready to attach the doors . . . just need hinges. Having way too much fun over here! Thank you for indulging me.

Originally posted July 9, 2009

This project was such a blast! The theme for the swap at The Vintage Dragonfly Studio was, Vintage Bird. The size of the collage itself is 5"x 5". I haven't received the one that is being shipped to me, yet. But this one is my submission.

The glass window panes are a whopping 2 1/2 inches square.

The edge is a page from an ancient German language book. I did not deface the book! Honest! Someone just happened to give me the page, at a class. Isn't the font lovely? A pearl rests in the gold wire and antique print nest. The little silhouette is cut from the same text. It's positively ancient and very brittle. That's a vintage locket displaying a bit of quail egg set on green velvet. Les Memoires d'un Oiseau ~ loosely translated, The Bird's Memories


  1. This is incredibly gorgeous!

  2. Debbi, you are soooo talented. Hey, you are justa blogging and blogging. Good for you. Have a great week. Hugs, sandi

  3. You do such beautiful work Debbi... I think you should consider teaching. I know the customers at Gilding The Lily would certainly love a class creating something as wonderful as this!

  4. Debbi...the Vintage Bird is absolutely exquisite! I agree with are so very talented!


  5. Love this piece Debbi. Catching up on your post!

  6. oooh you make cool stuff! thanks for joining our swap!