Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soldered Charms Class

I've been kind of missing from these parts lately. . . I've posted very little this year . . . I apologize. I'm hoping to rectify that . . . I've just been so crazy busy!

A lot of it has been preparation for teaching this class . . . It's been in the talking stage for gosh . . . about a year . . . finally we decided to simply set a date and go for it! {Thanks to encouragement from my friend, Rhonda!} That's Rhonda in the photo above. Gamely trying her hand at soldered charms . . . she took my class, and I, her's. :) I loved it, too! She teaches Bee's Wax Coated Collage. {See previous post}

That worked, too . . . the "just going for it" . . . in no time at all I had the necessary supplies collected, contacted the interested students, the store made a classroom space, and Voila! It was all set! I can't thank the ladies who have taken my workshops enough for playing along! It is all such a blast!

The Empty Nest, in Oakdale, California is hosting these classes and workshops for Rhonda and I so far, but other instructors are beginning to line up!
I know {almost for certain} that there will soon be a Pearl Stringing Class. Classic, professional training. Really an exciting opportunity!
There is at least one other jewelry class in the talking stage.

Materials Kit
. . . this is filled with some of the neatest little supplies! Everything necessary to make five different types of soldered charms.

And lunch! I'm teaching two workshops, a half day and a full day . . . the full day workshop includes the yummiest catered lunch! That's my lunch in the photo above. Don't you love the way she did that!? Clever and delicious! The caterer and the printer are very special people to me. ;)

So you have some idea of what Ive been up to while I've been absent . . . I'm just having the best time over here! Sure hope you are, too! What have you been up to lately? I would love to know!


  1. Oh Debbi.... How I love doing soldered work!.. so wish I was closer to take your class it sounds like I would love it.

    YOU..will LOVE LOVE LOVE the TAP transfer paper.. i can't wait to see what you do with it!!

    Creative good wishes!

  2. Yes, please do keep me in mind regarding an online collage class with Rhonda. I would sign up in a minute! Have a great day.
    (Oh, and I did check out her site, too. Keeping fingers crossed for a future online class.) :)

  3. What a wonderful class you'll be teaching! Good luck and have fun.

  4. Hey Girl! The classes sound so great, wish I could be there, I don't think we have anything like that around here. Still love my charm I have from you!
    big hugs,