Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tinsel and Treasures

THAT was wonderful! We had the best time at Tinsel and Treasures! I finally met Dede! I just love her to bits! Left to right, my girlfriend Rhonda, Dede Warren, and me! I am so tired! I have lots to share, but tonight, I really just need to get some rest! Burning the candle at both ends eventually catches up with you . . . I'm sorry! For more information on where we've been today, see yesterday's post. I plan to do this up properly tomorrow! I'll show you what I bought, and who we met! But for now . . . Goodnight Dear Ones! Good night!
Note: I'm sorry! I didn't follow through on my promise! Asthma kicked in and knocked me for a loop today. I'll try again tomorrow!


  1. i'm so glad you had a great time. sometimes
    our expectations aren't met, but i can tell
    yours were surpassed!

  2. Sweet, sweet Debbi, you are a doll! And I NEVER use that word... but you are, and so I will. I am thrilled to finally have meet you in person and honored that you and Rhonda wanted to do one of my Make & Takes. It was a great day all around and you were a special part of that!
    xo, from your "non-celeb" friend!

  3. I love having little events like this to look forward to! You are reminding me that I need to make a list of my own of fun, inspiring cultural things to do.