Monday, September 20, 2010

Made my deadline!

I promised I would post about Tinsel and Treasures today. barely I squeaked in under the deadline! It was just the best fun! Here we are; Rhonda, Dede and me. {I should have kept that hair appointment . . . sigh.}

The incredibly talented Colleen Moodywas there. She graciously allowed me to photograph her with some of her beautiful, beautiful pieces. I really hope I get to take one of them home someday!
Charm by Anna Corba. Anna has such a warm and welcoming presence . . . You must check her website . . . she offers workshops in her studio . . . I know this because Rhonda has taken one. {jealous. jealous.} I wish I could take the one she's about to teach in France!

Reverse side of the my new charm. {The sweet little notebook that I've used in these backgrounds was purchased from Nancy Jamar of Gilding the Lily.}

My Treasure Necklace . . . I'm adding Anna's charm to this. Gonna be gorgeous!

Although I been involved in a couple of wonderful projects with Dede Warren, we had never met in person . . . we all know about that. Dede's thing was the Make & Takes. I chose her journal . . . my goal was to make sure that we could get in a little visit. I had just the best time.

The teeie tiny papier mache' box and nest nest was made by C M Geiger Designs {Charlene} {who, sadly, apparently, has no web presence . . .at least that I can find} Such a dear, lovely and talented woman, whose booth was very nearly sold out, by the way. . . . Can you tell how eensie it is?! She made the nest from antique bullion {the crinkled wire}. I picked it up, held it, didn't put it down . . . and didn't put it down . . . and didn't . . . then the goosebumps. I'm serious. That's when I knew.
My daughter, studying it, listed the qualifications that made it perfect for me . . . 1. it's tiny 2. it's a box 3. it has a nest on it 4. there is something antique in it 5. the color is perfect in my house. Done deal. :)

This darling little note book, has absolutely nothing to do with the Tinsel and Treasures event, but everything to do with my fondness for any of Michelle Palmer's art. It happened to arrive in the same day's post . . .

Tinsel and Treasures is a small, intimate event, showcasing truly amazing artists. So much talent in such a small space . . . you will definitely want to go to the website to check the artist's/vendor's links.

{Note: I tried to make the links that I have provided go directly to related posts. Once you're there, if you are interested in reading the rest of the blog, just click on the title banner.}

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