Friday, September 17, 2010

Ooohhh, Lookie!

I get to go! I've been waiting for it, imaging all of the wonderfulness and dreaming about it for months! And it's nearly here!

I was all set, had it on my schedule and everything, when they posted that Dede Warren and Nancy Jamar of Gilding the Lily were going to be there! Nancy, I've met, but Dede has allowed me to participate in two of her fat book projects . . . {if you're reading this Dede . . . I'm ready for another one! I'll do collage, I promise!} But Dede and I . . . we have never met! When you consider our history . . .

I think it's high time! {This was the project, in which Dede's is the cover photo, and mine didn't quite make the cut . . . sigh . . . but still!} {It was also Jenny Doh's last Somerset Studio before she left for other, presumably more challenging ventures.}

Anyway . . . Dede will be busy doing make and take projects . . . I'm assuming she'll be booked all day long . . . so I signed up for one. Not leaving anything to chance . . . I'm telling you!
{Look for the list of Dede's Make and Takes on Tinsel and Treasures' Blog}

Take a look at this list of participants, borrowed . . . er . . . maybe pilfered is a better word. . . from Tinsel and Treasures' blog!

I can't wait to tell you all about it!

P.S. If you do check out Gilding the Lily's Classes, 1. know that they are located in Fullerton, California, and 2. be sure to see what Robin Dudley-Howes is offering! Robin, teaches at several Southern California locations, but I met her at Gilding the Lily. You'll love her art!

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