Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Serendipity Strikes Again!

I've told you before, how I find myself buying the really cool stuff for my house, and then tucking it away where no one can see it. Part of that is fear . . . because there are people in my life that can not hold their tongues, and sometimes the path of least resistance is the easiest. What am I talking about sometimes? It's always the easiest!

Anyway . . . mean people are just plain mean and all of that rot . . . and I am trying really hard not to hide the things that make me joyful from them anymore. You know who I'm talking about . . .that judgemental kind of person . . . they're the ones that make you feel like you've exposed your soul for examination, and it has come back wanting.

Afterall . . . if they don't like me or my decorations, or whatever . . . what in the heck are they doing in my house? Right? . . . Like I said, I'm working on it.

So the serendipity part of it is this . . . we had a really large gathering at our house yesterday, and I needed to move that lamp, because the way our living room is arranged, the cord actually posed a trip hazard to guests. I moved a table over next to the piano {which is over 100 years old, and was my husband's Grandmother's} in order to make a spot for the lamp. Then came the nest thingee . . . then I remembered this beautiful picture that my husband bought for my birthday, tucked away, {hidden again} under appreciated upstairs . . . then the gorgeous figural . . . another gift, from Number One Son and his Wife. And I love it! The whole vignette! It is perfectly perfect, and I am completely pleased and happy and satisfied and contented and any other comfortable adjective. And I took photos to share with you, because you aren't mean, and if it makes me happy, it makes you happy for me.

I want to thank you for that.
. . . had to add this photo so you can see the whole table. Isn't it cool? Sorry about the power cord, kind of a necessity, though. It is a real house. Rats. There I go again . . . I am not sorry about that cord. {I am a work in progress.}


  1. Debbi Thinks Deep & Tina Thinks Deeply of Debbi! I've been wondering how you are fairing since you posted your heartbreaking news on my blog. I looked for an email address but did't find one, sorry. So the whold workd will just have to know that we two are in the throes of loss. I know that I feel a lingering weariness that seems to weigh a million pounds. It's a well lit weariness that I believe my grandma has lit to guide me onward so that I can finish whatever plan is in store for me. Yep, that's what I believe.

    ...and Debbi: it's your home do what you want in order to live fully, happily and joyfully. Vignettes on the table. A tableau of beauty that calms your soul & lets you breathe. If a pile of mis-matched socks makes a smile happen on your face, then you should display it with pride. (Go socks!)

    I think I will continue to find the beauty of your soul anytime I read your blog or get a comment from you. You are the type of person who is envied by others because joy comes easy to you and eludes those others. They lash out with ugly thoughts because the power jealousy has for them is strong. Be happy. Be strong. Be known. XOXO Tina

  2. Hey I forgot to tell you that I dug out my copy of Somerset and found your name hiding in a very small space. What kind of co-operative are you part of? And why didn't you get your own pic? I'm sighing for you, sis. Tina

  3. Beautiful little vignette! Down with mean people who don't understand personal style!

  4. HOw can anybody not like your decorating...that is perfect.

  5. It is beautiful. Who wouldn't like a bird in a nest?

  6. Dear Debbi, I apologize that I didn't get back to you earlier! A lot of comments had kept coming in and hubby needs to get work done on our computer also. I had taken another look at the last Somerset Studio issue though. When I looked up the pages with your collaborative project I could feel and totally understand your disappointment. I would have been frustrated too. Especially with only a few woman who had participated, there should have been a picture of everybody's creation. I'm really sorry for you!

    You have created a lovely vignette and it's a perfect addition to the bird picture! Maybe you just should bring everything out, you think the mean people in your life don't like. Perhaps that will drive her(?) nuts but one day she (?) might give up her attitude towards you... I wish you all the best, sweetie!!!

    To answer your question about my blog banner. Yes, it's a picture I had taken in my little studio. I had chosen the wall color six years ago, when we moved in. Last year when hubby installed the shelf, I thought white and pink would work well with the green and some vintage items :-).

    Have a wonderful day and weekend!


  7. Debbi! I love that nest on the table! How cool!! That whole vignette is so pretty! Good for you!

  8. I love it and sweetie unfortunately the mean people are here to stay, we just have to live with them. Do what makes you happy.