Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cupid's Kiss Valentine Swap

Danielle, of The Vintage Dragonfly Studio fame, has just hosted the most delicious
vintage Valentine collage swap, Cupid's Kiss Valentine Swap. You must stop by to see all of the lovely artistic creations! I think they outdid themselves this time. I was part of it, but when my Grandmother passed away, Danielle kindly offered to let me out of my obligation. I agreed . . . just in case I wasn't able to finish, but since my project was nearly completed, I attempted it anyway, then contacted Danielle, again, just in case . . .

. . . as timing would have it, she had already mailed the completed pieces to the other participants, but . . . she offered to do a one on one swap with me anyway . . . So here we are.

And this is what she should be getting in the mail any minute now . . . a little bit of Spring to counteract all that snow where she lives, on the right side of the country.

And I still get to participate in a Valentine Swap! I'm pleased!

Elements of this will show up in the Amour Valentine Swap that will be posted on Valentine's Day, but let me tell you about this one . . . here's an excerpt from the note that I sent to Danielle,

" . . . because of the glass style that I was planning, I decided not to make it too "over the top" Valentine-y, in case a person wanted to . . . it could be displayed a little longer. . .
The heart was originally about 8 inches, and gold. I bought several of them from a girlfriend's antique booth last year, but reduced the size to fit the guidelines, and changed the color . . . well, for fun.
The bird nest is also reduced from an antique German scrap that I've collected.
I cut a page from a book written {and printed} at the turn of the last century. I had hoped more details would show, because in this passage, a beautiful young woman {naturally} is being drawn up a mountain to find the source of the most lyrical birdsongs . . . when she arrives on the mountain top, it is a wayfaring flautist who has drawn her, and it becomes their love story.
. . . which seemed to me to fit well, the heart~love~bird theme of the collage."
So there you are. This one is only 4" X 4" , not including the hanger.

Hope your Valentine's Day plans work out!


  1. Debbi, that is GORGEOUS!! I have not learned "soldering" yet but I so want to,I have that hot marks tool...will that work?

    I Hope what you get back is equally stunning!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving me such a nice message. I am a true jersey Girl born and raised. The first thing I want to tell you is that the show "Jersey Shore" is total crap (LOL) it is about NY teens and 20-somethings that come and spend summers in seaside heights. They refer to themselves as guidos...they give the Jersey shore a bad name,and Italian-Americans...truly.

    I am about 45 minutes south of Seaside heights and 1 hour north of Atlantic City. Cape May is lovely, very old and quaint.

    My mom now lives right outside Princeton (though her mailing address is Princeton)

    My sister is in Hillsborough, and my brother is in Edison...both older I am the baby (49).
    Ron is also all Jersey.

    You are right NJ has everything...farms, mountains,beautiful beaches,and LOTS of history, especially revolutionary history (my fav).
    However, we also have the highest property taxes in the country and the second highest car insurance is THE most expensive state to live in. Sadly,since I am on SS and hubby is retiring as soon as we get the house in order and sell it (and my workers comp settles) we will most likely be leaving the state as our income will not be able to afford to live here.

    Then again they have a lot of aid and benefits for the aged and disabled that other states do not have, so I have to research everything very carefully.

    I am very glad we met :) and you must be very proud of your boys!!

    Chat again soon.
    Susan (or Sue)

  2. Debbi, I have added you to the Vintage Valentine Card Party. I see the party button on your sidebar.

    You have a lovely blog and what a neat border. xo Joan