Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life and Art

Sooo . . . I joined a charm swap, lots of parameters, and kind of a short deadline for my schedule, by the time I joined. It sounded like fun . . . loved the theme, but the deadline was December 8th, smack in the middle of Christmas preparations. I was working away when I got the happy news that the deadline was extended . . . to early January. Naturally, {and mistakenly, as it turns out} I stopped working immediately . . . I had plenty of Christmas preparations to occupy my month. The new deadline was a gift, and I so appreciated it.

As it turns out, January has been a really, really bad time to try to complete this project. It has certainly been a month of highs and lows . . . all that life can throw at you, but some of it really, really wonderful as a matter of fact . . . and none short of movie fodder . . . so it is that I have let down my host, and the group, and I have finished very, very late.

That said . . . here is my completed project. The charm is tiny, made from vintage French watch crystals and vintage Children's illustrations. The theme was Fairy Tale and to include red somehow, with a finished size of no more than one inch, bail included. I bought a vintage copy of the book, and reduced it to roughly 2 1/2 inches, square. The real walnut is hinged {sort of}, and is the intended gift box, {directions here}. . . . sigh . . . all dressed up and no place to go. {The image inside the charm is one of Thumbelina comforting the Swallow.}

So, I am sorry, to the group in the swap that I let down. Life and death await no one's schedule. We have the most beautiful new granddaughter, and my blessed Grandmother is dying. Oh, my heart, my heart.


  1. I think that "nut case" is too cute! Did you make it?? I love it! And the charm really is charming.

    So sorry to hear of your grandmother. You are so right that life and death await no one's schedule. I learned that lesson really well 5 years ago.

    Bless you, Debbi, and I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Hello...I was traveling in from OWOH. Already have similar pearls, but your blog was so beautiful I had to find another post to comment on. Beautiful charm, even more beautiful granddaughter, and may God be with you and your family as you spend these precious last days with your grandmother.