Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Puttery Cure for Discombobulation

I'm all discombobulated. The last several days have been frightful and unnerving, and I am, really truly, discombobulated. My dear blog friend, Alison, has a cure for this. {Although she intended it for a sweet, soft, tender bedtime, tuck-in treat, I have another plan for it.} By subscription, she sends daily Puttery Posts into my very own inbox . . . just waiting for me to open this little gift~wrapped delight. Today's puttery treat . . . dare I share . . . suggests the loveliest cup of Chamomile~Lavender~Vanilla tea, sipped from the loveliest cup and saucer that one can find.
It has to work . . . it just has to.
I'm off to find that cup!

1 comment:

  1. what a lovely idea - we don't take enough care of ourselves - I mean, we do all the usual things, but we don't treat ourselves carefully like using the best china just for us or buying flowers just for us! I fully agree with puttery post ;-)