Saturday, October 31, 2009

There's a New Blog on the Block

USA ~ Sweet Country Gal
I have a friend who is new to the blogging waters, but feels ready to jump in. I am no geek, but I helped her set up her page. Do you ever read Rose is Rose on the comics page? She's a mousie little housewife and Mommy, but when she does something especially brave she turns into her alter ego, Motorcycle Momma! That's how I'm feeling about setting up a blog {for someone else} from scratch. Watch out world, we've released Debbi the tattooed motorcycle Momma! {For the record, I look just like Rose, too.} So far, because we only did it last night, there is very little text, just photos of her amazing stained glass artwork. Wizzi will go back and add text in a day or two.

Because this is what a lot of the blogging world is all about, I know you will want to help her and her business, A1 Elegance in Glass in Oakdale, California. She is afterall an artist, a woman trying to make it, and an entrepreneur. We love to get behind one of our own! You all know that the current economic climate is not particularly hospitable to entrepreneurs. Please give her a visit, and comment, or link if you like. {Because links help the googlebot find her} By all means, stop by and say Hi! to Wizzi. All of you bloggers have been there, you know how it will please her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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