Wednesday, October 21, 2009


. . . so you step out of the lecture hall, and pass through this doorway to leave the building . . . This must be one of those moments when you realize that we're not in Oakdale anymore, Toto.

That boy knows the way to his bibliophile Mom's heart. Take her deep into the aisles of the world's second largest theological library. {Second to the Vatican. Pretty good company, don't you think?}
This is such an amazingly beautiful town.

The grounds surrounding this historical home/museum, The Thomas Clark House were the site of an important Revolutionary War Battle. The Battle of Princeton. This house served as a field hospital, to both sides. We are near to the very place that George Washington crossed the Delaware . . . He led his men in the battle on these grounds.

The edge of the battle ground.

Back at the Seminary . . . a window in the chapel . . .

. . . and one in a lecture hall. I hope you're enjoying our trip. We certainly are! I'll be in touch!

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  1. I cannot believe those are the windows of a lecture hall! It would be such an honor to study there!