Friday, October 23, 2009

The Statue of Liberty

Guess where we've been today.

Yep. I admit it. That's me. No silly, not the one with the moustache, the other one, on the left.

The Newlyweds, looking kinda lovey, dovey.
Everybody has seen pictures of the front of Lady Liberty . . . I'm here to show you what her backside looks like.
. . . and of course, her coiffure . . .
. . . and as another public service . . . who else will show you the detail of the torch? . . . and, And, AND . . . I have a piece of Lady Liberty trivial information for you. The copper that makes up our lady is 3/32" thick. There you have it. Today's bit o' trivia. You are most welcome.

{This is a coin that I purchased at the gift shop on Liberty Island. It represents the thickness of the copper.}


  1. What fun! I remember when I went to the Statue of Liberty. Don't you love that name! Liberty is such a gift. Have fun!

  2. It really is beautiful isn't it? Her coiffure is lovely. It looks cold, funny you can tell that from the pictures.