Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little Story for You

. . . that my Mother told me this evening.

Two days ago, she stopped at the grocery store but didn't need much, so she didn't take a basket. As she shopped, she decided to pick up a few more things than she could really hold comfortably, and some dropped from her arms.

Mom ~ "A really nice looking young man, handsomely dressed, with a beautiful smile, came over to me and asked if he could help. I said, It looks like I need help."

He picked up the things that she had dropped and refilled her arms. When she had finished her shopping and found a place in line at the checkout, the handsome young man was at the same register with two friends about the same age, and all equally handsome. There was another person in line between the three of them and my Mother.

When it came to be her turn, the clerk turned to my Mother and said, "That young man paid for your groceries!" She asked Mom, "Do you know why?" Mom answered, "No, do you?" Of course the clerk did not, and told my Mother furthermore, that she had never seen him before. By then, of course, he was gone. I want you to understand, Mom doesn't appear to be needy. It couldn't have been that, it was plain and simply a random act of kindness.

You can imagine how touched she was. We talked about how something like this restores your faith. She wondered, why? And why me? And worried that she couldn't thank him. Life is not always kind, we all know that, but boy, take one kindness like this bestowed upon a stranger, and you can undo a whole lot of unkindness! Can you just imagine how this has touched my Mother?

I sure hope this thing catches on!

Mom said, "I kept thinking that he had such a beautiful smile. Now I know it was his heart showing through."


  1. Oh my goodness! How beautiful and sweet. And what a great quote at the end.

  2. What a beautiful, amazing story!!! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! There are indeed angels walking among us! Thanks for sharing this touching story!
    Milli (sashagirl on flickr)