Monday, September 14, 2009

I've been playing

I woke up this morning feeling fine,

had something special on my mind . . . .

Doo do da doo da do doo, da da do do dooo, Oh yeah . . . .
Something tells me I'm into something good,

something good . . .oh yeah, something good. . . .

My apologies to the authors of the song. Is it the Beatles? The Monkees? Herman's Hermit's? I think it's Herman's Hermits, but the lyric sites have never heard of it. So they say. . . Anyway, they were no help at all. Ah well . . . memory serves up what it will. Sam found it, go figure. . . it is Herman's Hermits. That explains why I know it. {grin} And the reason for the song in the first place? I really did wake up, at 5:oo AM with the plan for doing this box on my mind. I felt pretty fine, too.


  1. Oooh ooh make me one!

  2. Wow, I love it! Why is it so fun to see what is created, it makes me want to go home and acutally make something! Thank you!