Monday, September 21, 2009

Antiquing Trip

While antiquing wasn't our "real" reason for going, it's good enough, don't you think? I bought mainly trinkets for jewelry making, but we had the nicest time finding them. I shopped at Junkees in downtown Reno. I follow Tracey's blog, and she mentions it often, although I believe that she's giving it up in favor a move to the Pacific Northwest. Still, it was a nice sized antique mall with a lot of fun offerings, and one really wonderful booth full of fantastic buttons!

I picked this album up, you know, just out of curiosity, and it turned out to have a nice collection of old newspaper clippings lovingly pasted inside.

Full of poetry and mostly undated articles, I was hooked. It was ten minutes later when I was still reading it, and didn't want to put it down that I realized it was going home with me.

I am attributing it's practically perfect condition to having been carefully stored in the original box.

A bit about our trip, we spent two days enjoying Reno, antiquing, the Riverwalk, a little wine, some really fine dining, and okay, a little gamblling, then moved down the hill for our class reunion. Stayed the next two nights in his hometown, behaving like tourists, retracing our dating haunts and those of his childhood. Nice. Really, really nice.
I think I'm going to photograph the individual clippings in my nifty new book and transcribe them here. There is one dear series of articles . . . the story of a love. I kind of think the one pictured below is part of it, maybe, porbably the first mention. I'll begin by transcribing this one. It is . . . oh, I'll let you read it and decide on the correct adjective!


We're not mentioning any names, but according to a chance remark over heard by a Standard reporter last week, there is a certain nice young man in this town who can hardly sleep at nights for thinking of a certain day in that dear old month of June, when he shall journey to a nearby city and claim as a bride the girl of his dreams. Ah me, what a happy day that will be for the young man. And in the meantime, if you should happen to see him on the street and he has that faraway look in his eyes, just pass him by quietly, for to rudely awaken might be a shock that might lead to serious consequences. And, oh, yes, we most forgot to tell you that the young lover has made a solemn vow not to wear his garters until the happy day in June when he leads his bride to the altar, and if you look closely, sometimes you can see his little sockies peeping timidly out over his shoe tops. Could a sweeter vow than that be made? Love is a wonderful thing.
If you know who the young man is, please, please, do not tell him that we breathed a word of this, for it's all supposed to be a deep dark secret, and if he knows that everybody knows it, he might not like it.

~undated, unsigned

{The couple in the first photo? Just a wonderful old picture that I had to have. Sadly, it has no note on the reverse. and was not part of the album.}

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