Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a Butterfly sort of day.

As I sat at a long stoplight in very heavy traffic today, I was entertained by a pair of dancing butterflies. There must be a new hatch in our mostly rural area because everywhere you look the air is just full of orange butterflies! The pair on the stage before me pirouetted and looped, flitted and flirted in and about a set of high tension wires, sometimes spiraling together in a double helix and sometimes touching for a moment and then off again! One took a moments rest on the wires, while the other rode the air stream above passing cars (the daredevils). Missing one another (I presume),they found their mates, and began the dance anew. Sometimes I think it would be simply delightful to be a butterfly.

Added April 1st ~ I researched a little . . .our sky is full of Painted Lady Butterflies! As I drove through the country a couple of days ago, I counted off seconds between sightings of these beautiful orange butterflies twirling across the road . . .only a couple of times did I get above the count of three. It is just the loveliest thing! Imagine walking outside with delicate little butterflies flitting around you. Such a delight!

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  1. Well when you put it like that, I'd like to be a butterfly too...