Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cow-Buddies and Springtime Bunnies

My current project (one of them . . .)

I am having the best time!

. . .although, I seem to be kind of Internet-absent these days. Thought I would take a minute's break and tell you all about it!

I told you that I was taking the pearl stringing class, and have made, hold on a second . . . let me count . . . I have tied seven necklaces and one bracelet! I am sooo loving this! The class included three different techniques and poor Mark, he thinks I'm going to put us in the poorhouse buying pearls. :) (Maybe I should consider easing up a bit . . . afterall . . .) Pearls, pearls, pearls, everywhere! Ooh, this is such great fun!

Then there is this project (the one above) . . . If I ever finish them. Don't you love my bouquets of freshly sparkled-y bunnies? I just love to decorate with bunnies in the Springtime. That's the time of year that I break out all of the cute, and just let myself embrace it.

And isn't the dollhouse wonderful? When I bought it, it was very, very pink, as you would naturally expect. With three little Grandboys, that just wouldn't do. But, when you think of it, a small child's life revolves around their home, boys and girls. Little boys should have the opportunity to play with a house, too. Manly play, of course. :) So Elizabeth, my resident artist, fashioned a much more gender neutral facade for our precious little home. Because she's busy with the big move and other pressing projects, I am finishing up the roof, and finish coat, which explains it's presence on my work table. (Which sadly, was formerly called our dining table. . . . sigh. . .)

Let's see, there was the Gem and Mineral show last weekend. Bebe and I took her boys, who dressed like archaeologists (in their pith helmets), selected their own geodes, and got to touch a REAL Mammoth bone and a REAL Mammoth tooth (Courtesy of the Great Valley Museum). Thank you, Diana. Ooh, so exciting when you are a budding paleontologist.

My guys.

Afterwards, my nephew and niece held a Cow-buddy Birthday Party for their two year old daughter. They live on a dairy and raise other farm animals which was a HUGE hit with the kids! I mean, come on! A petting zoo, pony and horse rides! Oh, oh, and they got to dress up like cowboys! Could there be a more perfect birthday party? Shane gave town-dweller, Owen a choice of a baby chick or a baby duck for winning a game. You can imagine how much enthusiasm his Mother mustered. :) Suffice it to say, the baby animals stayed at the farm. It was a tongue-in-cheek offer anyway, but delivered totally deadpan, and definitely produced the desired response from the Mommy. (giggle, giggle)

Want to talk about buddies . . .
these two define the word.

Very pregnant Elizabeth is still unable to lift moving cartons and frustrated in her pursuit of domestic settlement and bliss. But making progress everyday! It's nesting time for the Mommy, after all, and Justin's work schedule isn't allowing him much time to work at home. When we go over for a work day, our goal is one more complete room. (This must be the most frustratingly slow process for a nesting Mother.) Just a little left! And one of those is 3/4 finished, and an hour or so of heavy lifting should finish it up. The other two are start from scratch rooms, her office/studio and the nursery. Isn't it delicious, though? Of course, the nursery will be just the most fun! I can't wait!

In the midst of this, the girls are planning a bridal shower for Amy! It's a really good deadline for settling in. The shower will be held at the new house. We can do this!

We're having way too much fun over here!

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