Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Feels Like Christmas to Me!

But, one last thing before I go all Christmas. . . I've been neglecting my blog, and I want to rectify that! who knows when I'll get back! Right now, I'm neglecting my chores! Although, I have made considerable progress today! First, I want to show what I am most thankful for! . . . and they are decidedly not things, but they are the world's most adorable little boys!
Zach and his boys . . .I am so very thankful that my children and their wonderful spouses are such incredible parents! I wasn't along on this trip, Elizabeth took this photo and the next one.


Liam, the World's Greatest Tomato Farmer.

Christian helping Papa plant a new tree.

Christian, helping me rake leaves. His special Mommy took this photo.
Soooo. . .now that I have had a moment to reflect on my Thanksgiving, (and these are by no means my only blessings!) I feel all warm and fuzzy and Christmas-y today, even though the weather warmed up a little and it's sunny outside!
Mark finished the Christmas tree stands for the kids, Sam is coming home for the Christmas Holiday tomorrow! . . .and Amy will be visiting for a few days! . . .which is also wonderful because we get to spend a little time becoming acquainted with our new daughter!
Our neighbors sent over a huge bag of pomegranates a couple of days ago, so today's next project is pomegranate jelly!
Then, I want to wrap the rest of the gifts that we have already purchased, and believe it or not, we all almost finished shopping!
If there is any time left in the day, I'll ready Sam's room and the guest room!
Tomorrow, the whole bunch of us plan to go find our Christmas trees! It's always a silly, goofy caravan, Mark and I in the pick-up, and our kids and their kids in their respective family-vans. Everybody will be all bundled up and still freezing, but we will select three Christmas trees and deliver them to all of the homes! Mark and I, our three children, their spouses (and one prospective spouse) and three wonderful Grandsons! Sounds like hot cocoa and candy cane season to me!
. . .add those to the shopping list. . .hot cocoa and candy canes.
Saturday, the girls and their girlfriends will be holding a Christmas boutique at our house. They have made some of the most beautiful things! I'll try to post pictures. See you soon! ~ Love!

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