Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter Wishes Theatre

Have you always hoped that someday you would be able to take a class from Colleen Moody, too?  I found one that I loved, and I couldn't find a single reason not to go . . .
I can't believe it!  I finally did it!  Above is the beautiful project, originally designed by Colleen Moody and Iva Wilcox {this day Iva couldn't make it to teach}.  Such a shame, but Colleen, I think can do anything she turns her hand to . . . it was a wonderful, if intense day long class . . .
This is not my doll, but the model that I'm working from . . . don't you just love it?  Colleen is such a uniquely talented doll atelier . . .
and if I wasn't aware before, after I had the opportunity to observe her talented and capable hands form a lump of clay into a beautiful doll face, I certainly am aware now!

Colleen's sweet little snow lady . . .

And mine!  Only partially finished . . . but maybe tonight her skirt will happen . . . 


My lighted theatre was a only slightly more complete than this, the last photo I took of it before leaving it in Dede's tender care.  :)  I flew . . .  didn't even try to get that on the plane, Dede Warren is shipping it to me.  Bless her sweet heart!  Thank you, Dede! 
The completed theatre made by Colleen Moody and Iva Wilcox . . .
Mine only dreams of being so lovely someday!
Hopefully before Christmas!

I had a sweet little visitor the day that my package arrived . . . Thank you, Dede. 
Now I really can't wait to finish it.   


  1. You did a wonderful job Debbi! So sorry I couldn't be there to share in the creativity. We're moving to Florida, and thus I had to take care of business here. I was so disappointed not be there though. Can't wait to see your completed theater! Enjoy!
    ~ Iva

  2. OMG! Such wondrous artwork!!! Your dollie is adorable too, and I'm sure you'll manage to make perfect ones in no time.
    BTW, I found you while googling, and I noticed on your sidebar we have some common friends!
    Nice to meet you.

  3. Oh that is really cute! I think the muff is my favorite thing...well, that and the bird! ha.

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