Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stawberries, Lavender and Pearls

I had the most perfect morning! By 11:00, I was home with my treasures. The first stop was in a barn looking over an antique dining set {which didn't make the cut }. That is not to say that it wasn't a perfectly lovely time.
I spotted a Lavender Ranch on my way out . . . and the ranch happened to open for the season just yesterday. They were absolutely swamped! The women in our community were obviously starved for some beautiful activity. They certainly found it there.
Then there was the quick stop at the strawberry stand for those luscious ripe berries {which became strawberry lemonade in the afternoon} and sweetpeas. Yup. Perfect morning. Just perfect.

The entirety of the day was spent on my first pearl commission. Oh my Goodness! I did not expect it to be so difficult! I think I made about $2.00 an hour. {Probably closer to $1.50} Ah, well . . .

It was still a lovely way to spend the day . . . and it's finished. Gotta love that.

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  1. Lovely!! I was just wondering how I missed this one but I was off line by the time you posted last night! Love the flowers and the pearls are amazing! Glad you cousin is doing better! Thanks for stopping by to give me an update!
    Hugs and prayers, Lisa