Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Flowers

April Showers, did. Indeed they did! April showers have wrought the most
wonderful, beautiful May flowers!
And in the best old fashioned way . . . I was gifted with a paper cone filled with the most delicious pink roses.

Decorated and delivered by the cutest four year old boy! Imagine opening the front door, and there he stood, reaching up to hand deliver his treasure, delight shining from ear to ear!
{His Mommy may have had a little hand in it. But I don't know . . . he's pretty precocious!}
I wish you could have seen him!

And the roses! They are luscious and fragrant! You know how you'll sniff some rose scented fragrance, and think that roses don't really smell like that? These do! That's the scent! They smell just like childhood. I love them! I'm pretty crazy about the delivery boy, too. ;)

Thank you, Christian!


  1. Christian says, "You're welcome!"
    :) They're sure opening pretty.

  2. Oh I love May Day and have done baskets and cones before. Wish I had had the time to do some this year..Maybe next! Thanks for showing your. It is a beautiful May Day bouquet and made me smile.

  3. These are super amazing! How lucky! May Flowers are my favorite!!
    Glad to hear things are looking up!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. What beautiful roses! I adore the color:)

  5. OH my what a lovely surprise! So,so sweet.