Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Life Sans Computer . . .sigh

Hi! I'm back! Sort of . . . No pictures yet . . . still not using my own computer . . . sigh . . . but I may break down and load them onto Sam's tomorrow. What a month! What a week!

No baby yet! Apparently, we did bedrest right. {Yes, "We". This has become a team event.} She is nearing full term.

Let's see, since I wrote . . .hmmm . . .Mark spent about a week in Santa Barbara at the forest fire. I am so happy to have him home again. It was getting so lonesome. He was especially anxious for a real bed and other {ahem} homestyle amenities.

Sam and Amy (Amy's sister, too) graduated from the University. . . Summa cum laude. What can I say? I am so very, very proud of them! Then you know, sometime after the wedding, they'll be off to Seminary.

My Mother drove down to the graduation with me, and we had the most wonderful time! I bought our room on Priceline, so what we get is always a little surprise, and as usual, it was wonderful! The Radisson Suites in West Covina. Beautiful, comfortable, a twenty minute drive from the University, just great! And the restaurant, mmm mmmm.

In March, I had been scheduled to take a class from Robin Dudley-Howes, but at the last minute, I was unable to make it. And, you know, LA is quite a drive from California's Central Valley, so you can imagine that I was absolutely thrilled when she wrote to tell me that she was opening up a class the day after the graduation! Mom attended with me while Sam tried to cram his apartment into my pick-up, err . . . pack, I mean, pack.

Robin's class was SO worth the effort! When I have photo ability again, I'll show you what I made, in the meantime, here's a link.

Came home for a night then flew up to Seattle the next morning to assist with our niece's wedding. Which, by the way, was beautiful! It was sweet and personal and intimate and very spiritual. It was lovely, positively lovely.

I arrived back home sick, sick, sick. Asthma. Oh my Goodness, I'm sick. May be that I just can't take this activity level any more, sheesh. My Grandma always says, "It's no shame, getting old, but it sure is mighty un-handy".

I need to be well, up and around ASAP. I have another wedding scheduled this weekend. I think they expect their florist to produce! Silly people.

It's all so crazy and it's positively wonderful. Here we are; waiting for the baby, counting the days till Sam and Amy's wedding, wanting to be well, ahh . . .what a blessed year it is! And all of it without my computer! Just waiting for one more part!

And there is more! So much more. Oh, what a wonderful life! We are so Blessed!

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