Friday, April 18, 2008

Oxford to Stratford-Upon-Avon

We are out to see as much as England can offer! We first moved Sam out of his flat this morning. Actually, first, he came to our guesthouse to join us for the last one of Margaret’s traditional breakfasts. After our morning feast, we went to pick up our car and take life into our own hands, or Mark’s hands, at least.
Oxford taxi drivers aren’t as rude as I imagine New York taxi drivers to be. They place the whole hand and arm out the window, palm up, and give it a sudden lift. I’m certain they were asking if they could be of any assistance. The traffic lights go from green, to yellow, to red, to yellow and then to green again. Apparently you are supposed to hop on it at the second yellow. Somehow, Mark got us safely to Stratford-upon-Avon. He said he even began to enjoy the driving. I chose to ride in the back seat because I think Sam is a better navigator under adverse conditions. In an emergency, he has “guy” communication skills. He says things like, “other lane”, or “near lane”, and I use female communication. I say things like “Mark!” which does absolutely nothing to tell him where I see a problem.
It really wasn’t a terribly long drive up to Stratford, just 36 miles and about 15 round-abouts.
Our hotel is, well, you know when you go to some wonderful destination, and watch the beautiful people come and go from the ‘fabulous’ hotel? We’re at that one! It’s the Shakespeare Hotel.
Today we have toured Shakespeare’s daughter’s home, and his granddaughter’s. We had dinner at The Windmill Pub, and bought tickets to The Merchant of Venice performed by The Royal Shakespeare Company. We leave in just a few minutes for the play, I’ll let you know more tomorrow!

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