Friday, April 18, 2008

Stonehenge to WInchester

Because it is so bloomin’ cold, we decided to cut our stay in Bath off a bit. We toured the Roman Bath’s and I walked inside the Pump Room! Yes, Jane Austen fans, I went inside the Pump Room, and took pictures! (of the outside, it’s a restaurant now, I thought it rude.)
We had walked by a Thai restaurant last night, immediately after dinner, and wished we had waited, so we took lunch there. It was pretty good, for me, but Sam’s lunch was flavored mainly with anise, and Mark’s with something kind of pine-y. Although he didn’t seem to mind. Mine was delicious, but I already knew that I like satay. Too bad, for the fellows. I’ll fix them everything that they love when we get home.

So we hopped in the car and headed for Stonehenge. Remember that 10 degree, with freezing winds? Here it was 8.5, with stronger, colder winds coming straight off of the North Pole, I am certain. Less than a minute outside of the car, and my lips had no feeling. I don’t think I have ever been so miserably cold in my life!
But we saw Stonehenge! We walked all the way around it! They’re grazing sheep out there! It is really an amazing sight to behold! I kept telling myself to look at it, because this is one of the most wonderful, and famous curiosities in the world! But I have to tell you, all my curiosity and awe could not overrule my body’s self preservation instincts, which told me to get in out of the cold and wind, or die. So I obeyed.

And so…. we found our way to Winchester. We are in a lovely modern hotel, with a heated pool, which gave Mark and Sam a chance to get a little exercise, for which they were appreciative. I am in the room, now, writing again, this time, a giant love letter to all of you, and they are enjoying their books, somewhere, in overstuffed easy chairs, with coffee service.

We don’t always have Internet service, and when we do, it is just prohibitive, like here, $16.00 for two hours, and with silly restrictions, like the minutes must all be used together, at one time. Or we can pay $30.00 for 24 hours. Sam just flat refuses to, but he’s out, and I have control of his computer just now!

Tomorrow, we will sleep as long as we like, and then tour Winchester, and Chawton. We could try to do more, but we have voted for a little bit of rest.

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