Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello there!

How in the world are you?  It's been such a gigantic change to suddenly find myself living with four other people!  It is nearly a year since I posted, but in my mind, I have written over and over.  Wanting to lately,  more and more . . .

Winifred Watson, the author of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, abandoned her successful writing career after the blitz in London destroyed a family home and forced multiple generations of family to live under one roof.  When Persephone Classics republished that book a few years ago, an interviewer asked her why she had stopped writing.  Her answer was simply, "You can't write if you're never alone."
 . . . this, I understand.

Today, I'm going to dip my toes back into the water, ever so lightly.  I have something that I just have to share with you!   Do you know Made by Joel yet?  I've been enjoying the daylights out of his wonderful ideas these days . . . with multiple generations living under one roof. ;)

He's posted such a fun project today!  Since I went to Paris, there are a couple of little girls in my life who can't get enough of it.  Particularly the Eiffel Tower, probably because Grammy was kind of pleased to have climbed it, without having a heart attack or anything!  They will love this.   It's a sort of animated stroll through Paris.  Joel intends it as a Valentine . . . maybe I can wait till then.  

I've been off blogger for so long, I can't seem to make the photo into a link . . . while I sort that out, this link will get you to the page that includes this printable, and a brief instructional video.

Here's a little get acquainted video  . . .

He has the most wonderful ideas.  All manner of playthings, coloring pages . . . his Paper Cities . . . I just  love his Paper Cities!   Paper City . . . Paper City Paris . . . Paper City Sydney . . . Paper City Road Trip . . . I love, loved . . . Paper City Nativity Scene . . .there is even travel sized Paris . . .

Enjoy, enjoy!  I hope to see you again!  For now, I'll try to figure out how to do this, again . . .  

Much love!


  1. this is enchanting! what a clever guy!!

  2. Hi Debbi! What a fun way to 'visit' Paris! Welcome back!

  3. It doesn't matter how often you blog Debbi, just that you are back here sharing and saying hello. I'll check out the links as well. Have fun and enjoy this chapter of your life!

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