Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank U Firefighters

My sweet Auntie sent this to me from Chico, California. My husband, a firefighter has spent a good part of the last two weeks at one forest fire or another. She sent the photo because he was in the Chico area, the town of Paradise first, and is returning from the Shasta/Trinity area now. He is actually on his way home, even as I write. He has been in the Shasta/Trinity area for, well, this is the sixth day. There are currently some 700 wildland fires burning across California. The air is smoky/hazy in just about the whole state.
Here is the note from my Auntie who took this picture from her car, "This is the type of sign you see everywhere. God Bless them and keep them safe."
From her keyboard to God's ear.

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  1. Those are the kinds of things that really must make dad love his job!