Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Day Blessings

Today was Mothers' Day, and I do feel loved! I was surrounded by the cutest, sweetest, most loving people on Earth, and that includes the adults. I might be the most blessed woman, ever. I got to spend the day playing with three adorable grandsons whose very different personalities include three different kinds of love and silliness. I was the recipient of the most wonderful hand drawn bird and nest Mother's Day Card probably ever made. "Because I know you like them." Isn't that the most wonderful kind of Mother's Day Gift?
All of mine were hand-made gifts, from the heart...I must have done something right. Elizabeth did a painting of a little game we played when she was a child. It is a fantastical painting of the two of us in Dreamland, meeting exactly where we had planned to meet, wearing exactly what we had planned to wear, looking exactly as we look in our dreams. You can't tell how writing this makes my lips turn up, and my eyes crinkle, but I can feel it. And it is beautiful... There were some other goodies in the bag that she knew, positively that I would love, like a lavender candle that must be what heaven smells like, or my corner of it probably will...she bought it because it reminds her of our store. Is your heart bursting yet? (ooohhh...note: She posted it on her blog, you can see it!)
Sam made a CD for me with a cover picture of Mark and I holding hands; him, helping me into the water at the beach in Hastings, England. All of the kids love that picture. I don't think it's because it's a particularly flattering one, but I have given it some thought, and I think it's because they see their parents as a couple in it, and they like it, and isn't that the way it should be? When we scrolled through our pictures from our trip, every one of the kids, independently, commented on that picture. I think that supports my theory that they feel something lovely in this picture, every one of them, including Bebe. And the CD that he burned is beautiful, and he must have been listening carefully to even guess that I might have liked it.
Zach and Bebe, well Bebe, is embroidering a pillow or two for my guestroom, which is really my room of treasures, painted in my favorite color, and decorated with all of the things that just make me unreasonably happy. She found the pattern years ago, while they still lived in Port Angeles, and saved it for now. I wish I could show you, they have birds on them. Imagine that. She said she's doing two, I told her I will be thrilled with one. Needlework with two toddlers? Zach wrote the most wonderful letter to me in the form of his blog. All I can say is, read it, and you will understand how precious it is, and you'll have some idea of how special it is to me.
They are the most wonderful children, and adults, and parents. I am so proud of them.
Do you see what I mean? My cup runneth over. I hope your Mothers' Day was half as wonderful as mine.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed yesterday, I really did too. In fact, I keep thinking about how wonderful it was. I'm posting the picture on my blog pretty soon. Love you.

  2. Dear Debbi,

    I found your blog through the comment you left at Brocante Home, and I wanted to say two things. Firstly, I am very glad I found your blog, it is beautifully written. Secondly, I do see what you meant when you wrote about Alison's references to her love life, but really and truly, what she was talking about is a saucily-named cocktail. I would so hate for you to get the wrong idea.Your supper club sounds wonderful! I belong to a brunch club which is lots of fun, but a little tricky as we have to make the food vegetarian and wheat free!

  3. Hello Debbi,

    how lovely of you to stop by my blog. You know, ever since I left you that comment, I was really fretting in case you thought I had been rude!

    I hope you don't mind that I do not plan to publish your comment, I thought it of a private nature. Likewise, just drop Alison an email, I don't think a public apology is needed at all.

    I do love the blog world, but have noticed a tendency of some commenters to jump on others, and I feel you got jumped on a bit on Brocante Home!

    We have had the first truly sunny day in ages here, such bliss to have all teh windows open and a breeze blowing through.

    love and best